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We Build Special Structures

Using the highest quality and intelligent building practices and materials, in harmony with historical construction knowledge and the highest levels of craftsmanship.  Creating spaces that feel good to your spirit, look good to your eyes and comfort your body.

We Listen To The Earth

Our deepest, and guiding principle, is to honor the Earth and stars in the spaces that we build.  Bringing together a broad range of disciplines to create the most resonant structure possible.  Using site sourced, salvaged, and responsibly manufactured materials whenever possible.  Every project is multifaceted and seeks to upgrade the structures with the highest levels of energy efficiency and modern systems.

We Listen To You

Having honest and real conversations at every step of the project to continually refine the design, budget, and essence of what we are creating together.  Bringing to form your dreams, true intentions, and embodiment of your spirit.

We Are Greater Than the Sum Of Our Parts

Our team consists of a large network of craftsmen of the highest caliber and integrity.  Bringing together a team of experts in their fields to create the final product that will stand the test of time.  Architects, engineers, permaculturalists, renewable energy experts, artisans, and skilled laborers each contribute to the overall, culminating in a completely unique and exquisite creation.

We Educate

Our large projects will include an apprenticeship for one or more builders.  An opportunity for continuing the legacy of building with quality.  Each apprentice applicant will go through a detailed interview process and be matched with a project to suit their current and desired skills.  It is when you teach something that you truly begin to understand it.

We Are Efficient

We are a capable builder whom is able to be extremely efficient and maintain quality control throughout the build process due to our hands-on approach.  Instinct carpenters are involved in almost all aspects of the build, from foundations to finish carpentry.  Utilizing specialty labor from our talented sub-contractors while supporting the project with dynamic and available skilled carpenters and project managers.

We Contract Cleanly


The baseline of how we work is clean, authentic, and efficient.  Operating on open-book Time and Materials contract with no up-charges on subcontractors, materials, or profit/overhead charges.  Collectively held accountable by an extensive estimating process, we stay on budget, on time and remain adaptable to the changing needs of a project


Meet the Team

DSC_6764 Group Shot web.jpg
DSC_6580 Noah Beardsley web.jpg
Noah Beardsley

Foreman + Magni Operator

Born and raised in Whatcom County and Bellingham, Noah brings his deep connection with this land to his craft. His positive attitude, talents and work ethic make him an impactful leader on site.

Jackson Campbell

Apprentice Carpenter + Junior Foreman

Raised in and around many different trades, Jackson has an innate understanding of how to carry himself on a jobsite.  He’s a gentleman and a craftsman ready to put in a good days work, everyday.

DSC_6675 Chandler Clack web.jpg
Chandler Clack

Journeyman Carpenter

An artist at heart with a general contractor background, Chandler brings a curiosity and care to his work.  Having built his own home and DADU allows for an understanding and competency in the process of creating a new structure.

DSC_6720 Tim Curtis web.jpg
Tim Curtis

Project Manager

Raised in the trades by a Tilesetter as a father, Tim understands the importance of high tolerance and patience.    His steady demeanor that has been formed by years in the trades allows for authentic and thorough project management.

Instinct Builders - Scott DSC_8782_edite
Scott Dartt

Foreman + Lead Carpenter

Raised in Bellingham building homes with his family Scott brings a lifetime of experience in residential construction.  An unflappable and calm presence on site, coupled with a wide breadth of skills from foundations to finish work make him an invaluable leader on this team. 

Instinct Builders - Jeffrey DSC_6611 Web
Jeffery Elkins

 Finish Carpentry Lead + Millwork PM

A craftsman in the truest sense, and his words are as carefully chosen as the grain of the wood he works. Jeffrey has built some of the finest millwork in Whatcom County (and beyond) in his 25+ years as a respected woodworker and now contributes to projects as a mentor, 3D CAD specialist and finish carpentry PM.

DSC_6705 Aidan Fitzstrawn web.jpg
Aidan Fitzstrawn

Operations Manager

Trained as a teacher, a degree in operations and with experience across many different professions Aidan takes a global perspective to the way he engages with his work.  As the operations manager he supports the machine that is this company in every way seen and unseen.

Riley Gerow

Project Administrator + Shop Manager

The details need attention, follow through and double checking; and it is a special person who does not get flustered in the organizing. Riley is highly capable to tend to the needs of a project, and the company as a whole, with her positive outlook and talents.

Jarid Greene

Journeyman Carpenter


Jose Guerra

Apprentice Carpenter + Welder

It is surprising how many different things that Jose is good at doing.   Easy going and comfortable pouring concrete, remodeling or doing custom fabrication; he is an asset, and pleasure, to have on site in all aspects.

Andy Housden

Apprentice Carpenter

A steady, present and capable hand on site is a valuable thing; and Andy is just that.  He brings a consistent and positive attitude to the crew while supporting projects and tasks day in and day out in a multitude of ways.

DSC_6710 Ashton Hovorka web.jpg
Ashton Hovorka

Apprentice Carpenter

 A seeker of fundamental understanding and always looking to get to the heart of the task.  Ashton brings a curiosity and dedication to his craft that supports the project being done correctly and with quality, the first time.

Tim Ice

Apprentice Carpenter


DSC_6630 Ben Kubicki web.jpg
Ben Kubicki

Apprentice Carpenter

A degree in Business from WWU, rugby player and under-rated open-mic comedian; Ben has a combination of life perspectives that allow him to affect a jobsite with clear focus, determination and humor.

DSC_6690 George Pacheco web.jpg
George Pacheco

Apprentice Carpenter

Dedicated to the craft of carpentry and approaching his work with quality and care.  George is attentive to the details and works hard everyday to create something to be proud of.

Jake Quigley

Special Projects + Carpenter

After spending a couple of years running his own high-end van conversion business (Kinetic Vans), Jake brings a myriad of skills with complex systems to our special projects.  Millwork, low voltage, MEP systems and organization of details into a concise and tidy envelope.

Andres Ramirez

Assistant Project Manager + CAD

Deeply talented in multiple CAD programs Andres is able to support coordination across designers, vendors and our field crews.  At any given moment he is capable to put on a tool belt to contribute to the project as a carpenter to bring those details into form.

Coco Ryan

Apprentice Carpenter


Instinct Builders - Wesley DSC_6653 Web_
Wesley Shaw

Apprentice Carpenter + Magni Operator

Having worked across the trades from painting to production concrete work, Wes brings good habits and foundational skills that have been well earned.  A strong and solid contribution to any team or task on site as a carpenter or equipment operator.

Cole Stockman

Apprentice Carpenter + Millworker


Isaac Tubon

Apprentice Carpenter


Instinct Builders - Casey DSC_6680 Web_e
Casey White

Apprentice Carpenter

Versatile and keen to take on anything the jobsite has to offer allows a fit into many different project types.  Casey is absorbing and implementing new knowledge daily to become a well-rounded carpenter and craftsman.

James York

Apprentice Carpenter


Clay Wheeler

Site Dog


Just an all around good boy.


Instinct Builders - Jason DSC_6657 Web.jpg

Creator + Carpenter


“My son is a ninja, my daughter is a dancer, my wife is a healer, and I am a builder.”


Jason was born onto a 60-acre working farm, has been a professional carpenter for 14 years, and  years as a company owner.  After graduating college he traveled the world for a decade as a mountaineering and rock climbing guide.  When it came time to put down roots he started Instinct Builders to bring his skills and passions to the built environment.  Inspired through a profound connection to the Earth, Jason is merging all his skills and education into creating inspiring structures built with the highest level of craftsmanship, integrity and knowledge.  


Instinct relocated to Bellingham, WA in 2016.

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